The Old Faithfuls

  • Apple Crumble Martini

    Absolut vanilla vodka shaken pomme de verte, creme de cacao and crisp apple. Poured straight up with a fresh cream float

  • In Situ Espresso Martini

    Wake up! Vanilla vodka, fresh espresso, kahlua, and a touch of pomme de verte..

  • Edie Sedgwick

    Vanilla vodka, fresh passionfruit served with a tiny side of bubbly.. Glamorous

  • Lychee Martini
    Absolut vodka shaken briskly with fresh lychees, citrus and elderflower
  • Tommy's Margarita
    Absolut vodka, fresh raspberries and strawberries citrus, cinnamon topped with sparkling wine

- InSitu Signatures -

  • Tiramisu
    This sinful concoction of vanilla, coffee liqueur, chocolate, butterscotch, brandy, mascarpone & cream, perfectly balanced to recreate everyone’s favourite Italian dessert in a glass!
  • Little Lily
    This unique marriage of Elderflower & Peach topped with bubbles and stabbed with an orange bitter cucumber spear will have you feeling fabulous at any time of the day
  • Downpour
    A delicious mix of Vodka, Aperol, Amaretto, Elderflower & citrus, served long & topped with soda
  • Jo-Jo
    A beautiful twist on the classic Sazerac, Rye whiskey, Aperol, CabShiraz, bitters & brown sugar finished with citrus oils combined to make a truly one of a kind drink. Raise your glass and drink to life!
  • InSitu Penicillin
    An injection of scotch whiskey shaken with lemon & a honey ginger syrup layered with smoky Ardbeg. It certainly is a cure for all
  • Second Wind
    Dark Rum, coffee, bourbon & condensed milk shaken & served over ice in a take away cup because it’s 2017 and being a hipster is cool. Don’t actually take it away or else we’ll get in trouble. We bet it doesn’t last that long anyway